How does the laser hair removal works?
Laser emits a gentle beam of rays absorbed by the pigment of hair, which leads to the destruction of his roots. While one visit will result in a lot of hair removal, it takes about 5-7 visits each one month apart to kill the hair.

Why should you chose  laser hair removal?
Because it is durable and safe method, using a fast and painless. Each of the traditional techniques of hair removal (Shaving, electrolysis, wax, etc.) carries the risk of ingrown hairs, discoloration or allergic reactions. Laser Hair Removal is free from these threats, it is non-invasive, does not affect the delicate structure of the skin, acts on the surface.

Is everyone a good candidate?
Laser “Vectus” works on any tipe of skin and hair. Keep in mind dark skin may require 2-3 more sessions.

What about in-grown hairs?
Because lasers kill the follicle, hair won’t grow back causing in-grown hairs you get with waxing (waxing damages the follicle, it doesn’t always kill it and hair can grow in on itself).

Are the results guaranteed?
It’s impossible to predict how successful lasers will work on everyone. Results depend on the number of procedures you have done. 


 iSpa Beauty Salon and Laser Hair Removal Brooklyn currently working with the latest diode laser PALOMAR Vectus ™, which is certified by the safety and efficacy issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is honored around the world, allowing them to market the device for permanent hair removal and discoloration.

Why choose Laser Diode PALOMAR Vectus ™?
PALOMAR Vectus ™ is a truly innovative technology of permanent hair removal. It is effective and safe for every skin tone and every color of hair. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it operates effectively even so difficult to remove hair as red or light blonde! PALOMAR Vectus ™ also removes unsightly stains from the surface of the skin. PALOMAR Vectus ™ is the newest, fastest and also the most powerful system for laser hair removal in the world.

The medical device PALOMAR Vectus ™ is the only in the world, equipped with a smart card reader level of melanin in the skin – Skintel ™. This system is also the only one in the world is certified by the FDA. The device itself is selected treatment parameters depending on the patient’s skin color. In practice this means that before the treatment is applied to a reader skin of the patient at the location from which the hair is removed. Skintel ™ determines the level of melanin, and based on the read sets the device individually tailored treatment parameters.
The benefits of this are several:

  • through individual choice of energy, we can use the above parameters, but still safe for the patient. The treatment is more effective.
  • Individual selection of parameters excludes the risk of burns.

The effectiveness of the treatment is also influenced by the patented “Photon Recycling”, which is the repeated use of light, naturally reflected from the skin. The light, which mirrors integrated in the head, back, which causes the light pulse is used hundred percent dramatically increasing the efficiency of the procedure.

The device has a built-in cooling system “Advanced Contact Cooling”, which has a separate FDA certificate so that the treatments are completely painless. Patient comfort not only provides a very fast rate of the laser, but also used in the cooling head contact. This means that the skin is cooled before, during and after the emission of light. Contact cooling causes heat perceptibility during the procedure is minimal. This allows a higher energy during the procedure, and thereby significantly increase its effectiveness.

Laser Vectus ™ is an innovative technology guarantees the effectiveness of the treatment and the comfort and safety for the patient.

The changes 20-fold shorter duration of treatment and the cause that is completely painless.

How does the laser diode PALOMAR Vectus ™ works?
PALOMAR Vectus ™ is a device for hair removal and stain removal. It is a diode laser with a wavelength of 810 nm.
PALOMAR Vectus ™ has a high affinity for melanin – the hair dye. The light is absorbed by the pigment. 
What is the treatment permanent hair removal pulsed light laser Vectus ™?
Depending on the area of ​​the treatment chosen is appropriate head size. When working on large areas such as legs used a large head, and a small mustache precisely such a small head.
Prior to surgery the following parameters are analyzed: the thickness of the hair, the color, the hair density on the treatment area and the most important parameter photo type. After determining the components of the device selects the appropriate parameters.
Analysis of skin photo type by the person performing the treatment(Cosmetology) by recourse to a special, unique worldwide, performing reading device Skintel active level of melanin in the skin, which is then transmitted to the platform. On this basis, set the parameters of the operation. Skintel has the world’s only FDA certificate confirming its effectiveness.
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